Fight Of The Year


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Dec 9, 2007
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There has been a bunch of GREAT fights this yr. Is Vazquez Vs Marquez III still the one to beat?
Yup marquez/Vazquez is the one to beat, Its going to be pretty hard to beat that kind of fight.Because they are evenly matched and their styles fit perfectly for each other.
Gurgel vs Halverson.

yeah im talking boxing. im sure the fight u mention was great, but im talking boxing. im guessing since no one is replying that Vazquez Vs Marquez III is the fight of the YR.
Because it was so back and forth, so close, with so much drama, it will be very difficult to top Vasquez vs Marquez III.

As for Gurgel Vs Halverson.... I saw a wicked bar fight between two no-namers just last week that topped that fight easily.
Vasquez-Marquez was indeed great. Thought the scoring was a bit skewed in favor of Vasquez and kind of sad that those low blows that didn't seem intentional nor very low took away. But after all that bitching, yeah, fight of the year so far :D but crap, it's only march