Favorite throws/clinch to do when in the clinch?


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Jan 26, 2003
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Lately in my BJJ class we have been starting on th efeet more, and I was wondering what people like to do from within the clinch. Esepcially the high percentage trips/takedowns that seem to work... All I know about really is getting double underhooks and going for either the inside or outside leg trip, but what else is there? I'm a tall guy and it's kinda harder for me to shoot.
I was actually going to post something like this too but more of a Judo based question. I have only learned a few throws so far so I'm trying to figure out a favorite tecnhique. So far I have settled on O-soto-gari because of it's simplicity.
Simple double underhooks outside trip is the one I land the most. However, just recieved my Randy Couture clinch-takedowns DVD and going to go nuts on the stuff on there for a while to get some new tricks...
lets see from clinch. i like using outside leg trips (much like the v.silva leg trip) also i like leg wheel. using a setup for basically a hip throw but using my leg instead of my hip. its tricky but sweet when it works.
so the bread and butter one is the double underhooks and outside leg trip, right? im going to do more takedowns frmo the clinch nowadays since i've been starting on our feet lately.
yea personally i find the trip has a pretty high success rate.
I like lat drops, arm drag to inside trip, and nothing beats a simple snap down to a front headlock.
Inside leg trip is a favourtie of mine but it takes some strength out of you because you have to tackle the guy footbal style and pull down on his arms at the same time.

If the inside leg trip fails, turn it into a uchi-mata and go for more attacks.

If you managed to get one underhook you're already half way towards getting o goshi:


If the link above doesn't send you to the techinque, copy it and paste it in a new window.
A lot of the guys I roll with push their bodyweight against mine in the clinch, so latteral drops work really well for me.
Lateral drops are very effective, most people don't know how to defend them, and it lands you in a dominant position. Greco-style hip tosses are good too if you can get your opponent pushing in, they are very fun to land and hear the wind whoosh out of the other guy.
so we did stand up grappling today, i got my under hooks and went for the throws but there were several times when i was almost reversed and ended on my back. luckily my guard game is my strong point but i still want to work the top game.
Inside trips or O Uchi Gari ( THE Judo name) is a good one to use in the clinch as is tai otoshi, simple trips are effective as well.
dont get discouraged with the throws. it takes practice most important thing in the world is balance make sure to keep yours and take your oponents away from them
I got the Karo Parisyan Judo DVDs... I think they'll help. Thanks for all your advice guys.
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Okay, the throws that I have been working on "in my head" and "shadowing" are the uchimata, osoto gari, and the ouchi gari. I think I'm going to try em out tomorrow, but I'm going to deefinitely keep in mind the things you guys gave me as well. Thanks everyone.