Favorite Takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu Competition?


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Aug 4, 2003
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So what are your favorite takedowns to use in competition?

I love regular hip throws w/full reap, arm-assisted hip throw w/full reap, and another favorite of mine is the elbow-assisted kickback throw. I've done some double and single leg takedowns, but I'm not very experienced in those and my opponent often sprawls.
I'm interested in knowing too. I suck at shooting but I don't want to just fall back into my guard. Would you suggest clinching and going for a judo throw?
Speaking statistically the single leg grab and drive forward is the highest % of success in tournaments.

Personal preference are footsweeps and big throws like Uchimata. But I am not above grabbing someones leg and forcing them down.
single and double legs are the highest % but i prefer the good old lift the opponent off the ground and charge forward tackdowns or b2b
Tomoe-nage (the back sacrifice rolling throw) is pretty useful for BJJ competition.

If you mess it up, it is usually considered pulling guard so you won't get reversed and scored against. If you do it right, you end up in the mount and everyone thinks you're a ninja.
I'm pretty good with hip throws. Either hane goshi or harai goshi.
I've only competed once so far, but I took the guy down with an armdrag to cross trip.
I usually pull their hips in close and just outside trip them. It doesnt land me in mount everytime but it scores a TD just about every time and if they fight it off by leaning at me I just twist around and hip toss or straight leg throw.
I learned my double leg from F Shamrock who said that he honestly patterns his a bit after Tito's. Its more for MMA tho but you just throw a jab and then just fall at them, back straight, neck solid and just ram their guts out their butthole with your head at their bellybutton and scoop the back of the knees and just follow up with your feet. The main thing is to hit them hard with your head and then scoop their legs in and together and DON'T STOP MOVING FORWARD until they go down. The main reason people fail is no setup or no followthrough
Single leg is my favorite, bayana my second favorite, double leg third.
zaner said:

I made this mistake during my first match. I had a single and somehow came up with the "brilliant" conclusion I could just muscle my opponent down. HAHAHA. I won't make that same mistake again.
ouchi gari is really easy a simple leg trip is also as effective as any throw keep this in mind
I use single leg ankle pick for larger guys, smaller guys i usually encourage to pullguard so i can pass.
I change levels and if they dont change with me i shoot a double. If then change levels i stay low and try to pull a sweep b 4 they are in my guard. It seems to work for me considering all i have standing up is a double leg.