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Feb 12, 2006
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everyone ,kinda new to this forum but have been lurking around for a while
ive bin lifting on and off for a while now but have just latley been getting serious
about it, ive been training for my scholls annual power lifting contest for about6 weeks and made some really good progress i have full access to a gym in my school and all the basic powerliftin equipment lifting is just kind of a hobby for me now heres my stats

age 14(soon to be 15) goals by june 1st
ht 5'7''
weight 230 under 200
max bench-155 185
max deadlift-275 (hitching),255x2(strict) 315
max squat-205(dont train these very often) 265

(i no my goals might be set a little high but progress quickly)

so i competed in my first powerlifting contest today and benched 150 lbs,even tho i did 155 less then a weak ago,must have just been a bad day,and we deadlift tommorow
for those who care i will give results tommorow
Sweet, nice to see more people starting in their early teens. Welcome.
Just dont quit on your goals man, I'll hunt you down if you do
Good luck bro. I wish I started when I was your age.
ok so heres the how the deadlift portian of my contest went

attempt one 225-easy
attempt two 245- easy
attempt three-270 easy ,think i had 3 in me
got dq'd on the 270 for dropping the weight(bad habbit)
thanks man ,atleast 5 kid were doing over four a new skool record was set at 435

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