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Farmers Walks Variation

Keith Wassung

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Feb 5, 2006
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I was talking to a personal trainer that I know (he is always hounding me for new exercies as he believes that it his job to be able to constantly show his clients new and innovative moves-lol) and we were discussing Farmers Walks and he sort of said something like "I dont know Keith, not too many farm people living around here, I am not sure how they will respond" So, given that he livies in a very urban-yuppie type town, I showed him "METRO-WALKS"

Is that a boom box? I thought those went extinct with MP3 players.
Has anyone tried farmer's walks with real farmers? Now THAT's some manly shit.
Most farmers aren't that big. The elderly ones get there, but they tend to run skinny more often than not here in Indiana.
What is the best way to grip them?

By the straps on their overalls, but good luck grabbin an old farmer without his permission. Best to just ask nicely.
You can still find some nice corn-feed farmers...or just picup a metro by the faux-hawk or one of the many upright shirt collars. Faux-hawk grip is especially difficult as you have to deal with vast amounts of "product."
I worked 8 years for a tobacco/dairy farmer when I was a kid. The guy was small but pretty strong. I think his grip was really strong. His hands were a gnarled mess though, farming isn't easy on the hands.
I think the modern version is a laptop in one hand and a blackberry in the other