F*CK College.



I registered for my Fall classes about a month or so ago. I never recieved my bill in the mail and just figured 'Hey they'll get it to me when they can'. I didn't think it mattered since classes don't start for another month. Then today I get a little yellow card in the mail (Friday, July 19th), saying that if I don't validate my bill by July 23rd then they're going to cancel all of my classes and I will have to re-register. I went there today and the place is locked down tight. No offices are open. And I leave for Maine on Sunday and won't even be around next week. It's a shame these scumbags couldn't fill me in earlier.
You have a tire iron. Use it to get in, and leave the cash. Really, it'll work. Honest.
I might have to do that. I walked in and looked at the locked gate and just loudly said 'FUCK!' and walked out. It's so frustrating dealing with this place.
Maybe they`re sending you a message.
Yup sounds like the fucking disaster I had, last year...

the fuckers get up-tight about matriculating
Welcome to the fucking Machine. In any higher ed. situation we as students are meat for the fucking grinder, fodder for the beaucratic cannon to be blasted all over the hallowed halls of academia. It is a simple travesty how little fucking work these pricks who make the decisions in higher ed. actually put in. I work in a college and still have all the same problems.
You WORK in a college? So help a brother out. Call them up and say you're a professional in the field and don't like how they're handling themselves! You probably do the same thing to the students of your school.
fuck college is right! You pay upwards of 20,000 - 30,000 dollars to get fucked with. All they care about is the money. College is a business like any other.
I don't have a name just a number:


i'm thinking about getting it tattoed on my ass cheeks, U99 on one cheek, 4928 on the other and i can just bend over for the 0, so at least my lecturers will know who i am when i'm being fucked over about bad courseworks
Yeah, VOD that's a great idea. I'll call and say my name is ohhh, like Jesus Christ and demand attention. Then I can set the VOD plan in motion to destroy the corrupt machine from inside out by unleashing my horde of shit soaked koala's;destroying both the infrastructure of the college's powerbase as well as creating an odor nonconducive to learning.


You can stop taking it for granted that people will "send you a bill" and just pay for your classes and educate yourself as to when the fees are due. Oh, thats responsibility for your actions, nevermind.
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You can stop taking it for granted that people will "send you a bill" and just pay for your classes and educate yourself as to when the fees are due. Oh, thats responsibility for your actions, nevermind.

They told me that they were going to mail me the bill and then I send them the money. It's not too hard. And if they were going to send me this letter about cancelling my classes, how about giving me more than one day notice?
Most of my college buds are now waiting tables or mowing yards with their shiny diploma. College is a maze of bullshit, but somewhere within lurks the true meaning of life...it fucking sucks.
One thing I've learned about colleges and universities is, they seem to love to give you the run around. Plus, once you give them their money, they seem to push you to drop out. Fuck college is right.

I've got a little college horror story to tell y'all. For two years, aprox 7 semesters, I did civil engineering. My first semester in college, I took a super heavy workload. Six courses, which is a hell of a lot. 9 to 5, every day. It was brutal. Anyways, I decided to drop three courses, so I filled out the necessary forms and whatnot, and I figured that was it. But then I was informed that it was ONE day past the cutoff for dropping courses, so they told me the steps I needed to take in order to drop the courses, but they said it wouldn't be a problem.

So I went to a guidance counsilor, the program co-ordinator, and wrote a long letter to the registrars office, all like they told me. I never recieved word that I wasn't allowed to drop the courses, so I assumed that I was allowed to drop them, and stopped going to the classes.

About THREE WEEKS before final exams, I got called down to the office, where they told me that I wasn't allowed to drop the courses. I hadn't gone to class in nearly two months, so there was no way for me to catch up in the classes. So, basically, I was fucked. I got THREE zeros on my report for that semester, which dragged down my GPA to 0.21. I never really recovered from it, and I quit in April.

So BEWARE the fuckers in the college/university administration. They won't give you an inch.
I like Avids get the whole helmet philosophy.

Thats the first mistake VOD, never trust "the system" with your affairs. Granted the college redtape is horrible, the service provided to students at that school sucks too.

But, you should know how much your classes are going to cost, when the bill comes due, and keep a call in to find out if the class is going to go.
I know how much it's going to cost, I have the check and everything. But they did the same thing to me last semester and I went down there with my check and said 'Hey this is me can I pay now' and they wouldn't let me because I didn't have the printout of the bill. So I figured this time I'd just wait for it and I'm fucked again.
just train instead of going to college. First year out of high school I either take summer school or train for 1 year and then go to college.
College is a scam - like credit cards... You need it to get to the next level in our society... They pull all kinds of shit like that to get more money out of you, or to keep you around a little longer....
That is too fucking much. Just look at it as the ends justify the means in this case you'll be alot more valuable with a bachelor level degree, statistically just under twenty percent of the nation has a higher ed degree of four years. The hoops you are jumping through are more than I have experienced here, but the difference between the Big Apple and Reno are light years apart as well.