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Nov 2, 2003
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I just started realizing something this past while that I have been training.
I have always been a naturally pretty strong guy. I have worked out a little in my time, but most of it is just natural. I get schooled by some people though, who should not be stronger than I am. I have realized now, that I have slow power.
How can I gain that explosive speed? I am not a very fast guy, which is a problem, especially when I am grappling with somebody who has a lot of explosive, fast power.
If you're willing to read, Don Chu's "Jumping Into Plyometrics" or James Radcliffe's "High Powered Plyometrics" are both cheap and concise.
I'm not a big fan of them generally but bodyweight exercises help here as well as dynamic versions of the big 3.
Something you may want to consider is complex training. you can read about it in the glossary, and quite a bit lately here in the forum, however do note two things: 1) it's extremely hard on your CNS and should probably only be used for three weeks or so at a time, and B) it's not using complexes (glorified circuit training as far as I can tell).
IF you need to develop explosiveness, do plyometrics. If you are already explosive but need to develop explosiveness i the weight room, do dynamic work and o lifts.