explain to me how is Ronda Rousey the womens champion in the ufc


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Nov 17, 2002
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shouldent u have to win a fight in an organization before becomeing champ ?. yes i know she is fighting for them at 157
She was the SF champion. Zuffa owns SF. They transferred her from SF to the UFC. SF is done.
Same thing that happened with the WEC?
The same way Aldo and Cruz were before they fought in the UFC.

I want to make a joke involving Rousey, Dana, and "mounting" but I'm not sure I can, so I'll just let Sherdog imagine what the joke might be.
this thread has been done so many times, try the search funtion TS.

but to answer again

dominick cruz/jose aldo both were given UFC titles without ever fighting in the UFC.
I dont really agree with it butt what you gonna do?
Did you complaine when aldo came over and got the belt with out fight? Didn't think so.
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shouldent u have to win a fight in an organization before becomeing champ ?. yes i know she is fighting for them at 157

She has the belt. Whoever has the belt is the champ, therefore she is the champ. If you want to be woman's 135 lb UFC champion I suggest you grow some ovaries, cut some weight and challenge her.

Also learn how to spell "shouldn't" and "becoming", otherwise you'll look even more foolish than you already are for your inability to understand why someone is champion of the UFC. The ownership gave her the belt. The UFC is a private company, they can do whatever they want as far as their belts go. It's the same with any belt, you can buy it, you can earn it, or someone can give it to you.

Are you saying her undefeated record, reigning Strikeforce champion, and Olympic medal doesn't constitute earning the belt?
You have a shit ton of post for your join date. Do you fingers hurt?

If you tried using your brain for the first time in your life you would see that's only about 5-6 posts a day.

Try doing some basic research before needlessly insulting someone like a buffoon.

TS, the UFC is entitled to give the belt to someone if they see fit. If the company believes Rousey has achieved enough to hold the belt they are free to give her just that, exactly like they did with Aldo.
Aldo yes, but Cruz had to fight Scotty for the belt.

no he did not, the fight was in the WEC not the UFC, so he was given the belt without fighting in the UFC.

sorry but he and aldo are the same in this regard.