Exercises to do at home?


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Nov 13, 2003
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Hi everyone...I was just wondering if anyone could give any suggestions on what kind of things I can do at home to get in shape. Eventually I'm going to enroll in a BJJ and HOPEFULLY muy thai class, but I wouldn't want to go in there in the kind of shape I'm in. I'm TOTALLY new to martial arts, but any kind of plyometrics or exercises I can do at home WITHOUT weights to get me READY for a class would be most helpful. Thanks!!
Pushups, crunches, lots and lots of stretching for your legs for Muay Thai. I do SanShou & Wushu so my warmup is obviously going to differ from yours, try Wall Squats as well. RUNNING is another important one for stamina

go to the stength and power forum and look up "tabata method for hardcore endurance" - its a killer and can be done all by your lonesome (a clock/stopwatch is necessary tho)
just play my MP3 in the tabata thread and you can do it right in front of your computer. no stopwatch neccessary.