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Equipment recommendations...



I am new to MMA (but not MA or fighting), and I have a few friends who are rookies. I want to start training them, but they need gear, and I need new gear that is more appropriate for MMA training. I would be grateful for your top choices for the following gear (please include links to gear and/or the best place you've found to buy them), and any recommendations for other training equipment we should buy.

Forearm/Elbow Guards
MMA Gloves
Boxing Gloves
Torso Protection (I'd like to use TKD vests, but they don't allow you to bend your abdomen very well while grappling)
Rash Guards
Knee Guards
Shin/Instep guards
Mats (Sufficient for takedowns and slams on concrete)
Have you tried the search function?

There are many reputable companies;

Sprawl.tv for shorts

Fairtex, twins or windy for boxing gloves, shin guards and mmagloves

budovideos has a very good kaizen rashguard for cheap.

shockdoctor seems to be the norm for cups

Just go to mmawarehouse.com, or cagesidemma.com theywill have everything you need.
this thread has been done before please use search function.