elvis u horndog...


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Dec 18, 2001
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Elvis old buddy, what prey tell are ur eyes focusing on here????

She looks like a midget in that photo. Imagine that poor little creature gettin tagged teamed by her....!!
elvis! you dog!

or should that be dingo?
reckon we should turn this into a caption competition:

Elvis - "Man, i'd love spread some vegemite on those crackers"
Elvis - "I find the mating rituals of kangeroos quite....arousing"
Chick - "This guy just HAS to be australian, right?"
Tito - "Fuck this! why do other people have to be in the photo with me?"
Chick - "Don't worry, i'll mop it up later"
Elvis - "Don't worry, i'll pay for the dry cleaning"
Elvis - "Damn! That's one hairy cleavage!"

come on, guys, give it your best shot...:D
I think its a contender for the best photoshop category. Get to work u minions...!
another caption:

Chick - "ewwww!! after the jake, i swore i'd never look at an australian man again"

Elvis - "I hit people for a living. can i put in some overtime on you?"

Elvis - "Is that a digeridoo in my pocket or am i just pleased to see you?"

Elvis - "Care to blow on my digeridoo"

Elvis - "I'd like to take a wander in your bush"
hahaha. C'mon now Elvis, tell us your thoughts. That's a classic pic - you should make that your avatar.
He's thinking "Goddamn I'll bet my penis looks like a tictac next to Dennis Rodman's".
To caption.........


"Damn... they look much better in person."

"She's about as tall as me pet roo, mate."

"Really, I'm looking at her shirt collar."

"50 cameras in the room... eh shit, why not... what's the chance of them catching a quick glance on the camera???"
suggested by Tenacious T:

Chick - "Elvis, you're so funny!"
Elvis - "I like to raise a little titter"
When Elvis chats tonight, I am going to ask him what he was REALLY thinking in that photo.
Originally posted by MMA Trainer
When Elvis chats tonight, I am going to ask him what he was REALLY thinking in that photo.

make sure i'm there as well!!!
more captions:

Elvis - "I got lube!"

Elvis - "Fancy a little fun outback?"

Elvis - "All my ladies are called boomerang, cos they always come back"

Tito - "oooh, i just love those shoes"

Elivs (to Tito) - "dude! i can see her nipple! heh heh heh"

Tito - "no fair. i don't wanna have acne"

Chick - "i'm trapped between two huge dicks. one belongs to an australian, the other's on my right"

Elvis - "could i interest you in...a threesome?"


Mrs Sinosic - "Elvis! get away from those kangaroos!"


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