Eating More when it is cold


Oct 16, 2005
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I keep track of my daily caloric consumption. I find that as the weather gets colder, I can eat more and not put on weight.

The science is very simple - The body expends energy (burning calories) in order to maintain body temperature. When it is colder, the body must expend more energy and therefore burn more calories.

There must be some specific formula to rely on.

What is it?

Using myself as an example, (165 lbs) before the winter months, I can't eat more that 2,250 calories a day without gaining weight. However, now with the weather <40 degrees fahrenheit), it appears that the magic number (to not gain weight) is more than 2,400 calories.

Weird observation. Makes sense to a layman like myself. 2,250 sounds like a lot of cals to me but I maintain 185-190 on 1500 - 1700. God knows how much I took in on Turkey day :D I put the pencil down lol.
I notice as the winter comes around I eat chocolate and sweet crappy stuff, whereas during the summer I never touch it. I put it down to comfort food because of the low light levels