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Dropping weight (Sinister101)



Sinister101 has asked me to make a thread for him, so here it is.

I'm going to have my first match wed. in the 145 division, and I have to make 147 by monday to wrestle off. I weighed out at about 150 (didn't go to the bathroom) so I'm looking good. I know I have the mental tenacity to make weight, but I have very little experience in dropping weight ( I know this isn't cutting weight, it's more managing what you eat). My ultimate goal is to get below 145 so I can eat breakfast before the match. So I need a little bit of advice.

What should I eat in the first place, what shouldn't I eat (portion-wise)?
How many meals, and when ( i.e. lunch, dinner, ect.) would I have to miss to make 147 by monday and 145 by wed?
Should I substitute some foods with water, and leak it out later?
Would holding in my bladder and bowels for a few days help me lose weight?
Would sleeping in sweats really help me?
Is cutting water weight two days before a match really useless( I'm not talking massive amounts, I'm just trying to drop 5 pounds)? I mean, I'll probably drink normally two days before a match anyways.
How much weight could I lose by spitting and blowing my nose?

sorry for the repost.

dude! its only 5 pounds, up the excercise, dont drink or eat b4 weigh in adn take as many shits as possibble
This thread is just freaky enough to turn out to be a good one.
dude, i had the same situation as you. exercise and try to sweat it out, eat but eat little, and you'll be fine. its really not that hard
really? Take as many shits as possible? I thought if I held it in a until weigh ins, it would get rid of more stuff my body is trying to release.
Restrict your carbs. Eat oatmeal for breakfast then chicken breast for lunch and dinner. Run twice in the day. Hit the sauna before the weigh in
no ive tried that ,just take as many shits as possible dude it works i dropped like 5kg in a day using what i like to call 'the brown baby weight loss method'
ya, you shoulda just asked me. eat oatmeal and chicken. and use that "baby brown loss method".
Eat pizza, it works for me. Although I am 10lbs overweight.
Man, just keep going hard, dont eat the night before the wiegh-ins or the morning of. I'm assuming the matches are at night? You rehydrate and re-energize yourself during the day, but don't bloat yourself.
Match is at 5:00 I believe. Not too much time for a practice tho, i think we go in, weigh, 30 min to practice, and then fight. I think. I hope I make 147 tommorow to get into the wieght class. We had a scrimage with ourselves, and I fought the 152 pound guys (156 pounds) and won by decision 6-3. Normally, we are pretty nuetral, but it shows that I can compete in either weight.
Its five pounds..eat a big dinner..u will lose like a pound or more over night..get up early and poop, then on the way suck on hard candy and spit it out. Once u get there toss on some garbage bags, if u dont have a sweat suit, and just run a little. U should be ok.
I'm in the same position as you, I'm 156 pounds right now, need to cut 2 because they allow 2 more pounds for your first match, but losing 4 pounds would be even better.
Alright, I weighed out at 148 today at the gym(started out at 151, dammit I wish I knew what I was doing) today at the gym. I'll skip dinner tonight and hit the hot tub for 15-30 minutes, and probably drink 12 ounces of water. That should get me down to 147 by tommorow I think. I'll eat a light breakfast and skip lunch/or eat a salad. I have to weigh in at 147 BEFORE Practice starts.

here, on wednesday we are going to have only 30 minutes to practice before we go. Of course were going to weigh in there, drive over to the other school, and weigh in there. I think we'll have thirty minutes of practice there too, so the idea about the garbage bag probably won't help.

+ the PSAC is coming out with new hydration laws that require a wrestler to be tested for hydration before a match for JV (7-9) I think. So dehydrating myself to that point and I could get caught, but they don't check for food.
GeeGee said:
I'm in the same position as you, I'm 156 pounds right now, need to cut 2 because they allow 2 more pounds for your first match, but losing 4 pounds would be even better.

Good luck mate, I'd say lose the four pounds altogether so you'd be used to dropping the weight. I'm not an expert on this though.
aight, weighed out at 144.9, and my dad is going to take me to the sauna to burn off the extrea weight. GTG and thnks for teh advice.
tommorow Is my match BTW. what should I eat tommorow if I weigh out at 143-4?