Dress goes for $243k after eBay seller shows too much


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Apr 27, 2004
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Hawt girl "accidentally" takes a pic of herself as she takes a pic of her dress that's going up on ebay. It gets media attention and the dress sells for $243k.

My thoughts:

- She did it on purpose for publicity

- Winning bidder will not pay for the dress.

- We win because we see another hawt chick (elbows not yet disclosed)


A woman has been labeled the "naked eBay seller" after accidentally including herself in a photo she was taking of a dress she was trying to sell on popular auction website eBay.

A woman has been dubbed the 'Naked eBay Seller' after accidentally posting this photo on her auction to sell a dress.

News of the accident has spread across the Internet and it has been found that the woman comes from Oxfordshire in England. The so-called "naked eBay seller" uploaded a dress she wanted to auction with the title, "ASOS yellow Skater Dress 10," asking for an opening bid of
So...bare legs = nude now? Or is the jacket shooped in?
I'd buy that for a dollar.
Obviously she did that shit on purpose - she can't that stupid she didn't notice her entire body in the pic
The pic with the jacket is sexier than the actual picture. She's ok.
The original picture was not sexy at all.