Dos Santos looks like hes overtrained

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Dec 12, 2010
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Dos Santos looked the best I have ever seen him at the weigh ins (body wise) He was ripped!! As soon as the fight started he appeared to be tired as well... My guess is he over trained for this fight. anyone else think so?
Funny how everyone likes cain now... you guys are funny.
to me it just looks like hes getting beat in a fight
Its possible. Some guys are better heavier.
Naw he looked fine until he got smashed in the face. Cain's always had power shouldn't be a surprise.
Looks like Cain is a good fighter.
lol... good one. does that mean you are supposed to keep grabbin the fence?
Funny how everyone likes cain now... you guys are funny.

You know Cain was off the mark in their first fight, no excuses, his knee was fucked, he looked fat and out of shape, and he didn't push the fight to JDS at all, different man, different time, way different outcome this time around.
Kept his hands low, tried to use movement against a super athletic HW, didn't capitalize upon breaking the first few TD's (either getting on top or getting aggressive) and then it all went to shit when he got SMASHED in the face. Cain put a hellacious beating on him.
he either messed up on training or couldn't get over that bomb. i'm more inclined to believe he messed up his training, but is shows the importance of being complete. if he had more grapling he could had done better.
Well he kinda fell asleep last time when he tried to prove it.This loss and his loss means nothing.

Hahahahahahahaha @ u

I picked JDS too, but Cain big brothered him there.