Don't worry! I'm not going to do what you all think i'm gonna do...


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Nov 26, 2002
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I'm not gonna freak out man. All i wanna know is who's coming with me man. Come who's coming with me to GRAPPLERS QUEST IN LAS VEGAS!!!!! YEAH, I would say about 6-9 of us are going from Humboldt Top Team, out of 1087 gym (northern cali, real northern cali not the bay area) Any one else going???
How far is that away from Sacramento? I MIGHT go.
hey i rolled with one of your guys, from htt that is, last year at the california open. it was for the no gi day. he rolled in the 202lbs master division. i dislocated my rib 20 seconds into our match and couldn't move much. just enough to pass his guard but not hold anything so i won by an advantage. does that guy still train at your club?
Are you competing this time around?

And will the Rhino be kicking ass and taking names again?

GIVE ME DETAILS DAMN IT! Don't you know I live vicariously through the HTT?
what was the dudes name? And yes i will be competeing and i don't know if rhino is going, i have not talked to him yet.
Man I miss training up there so much.

You'll see me at that gym every day over winter break.
why do people drive long distances to compete in an amateur tourney?

you guys must be hardcore. I only do local ones and that is enough for me.
You have local tourneys?

That's the difference right there buddy.
yeah, we might have a local tourney what, every two years . We don't have local tourneys. Your coming back winter break, cool.