Don King presents: Prizefighter "review"

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Nov 28, 2007
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Hey i did not see a thread for this anywhere so i decided to make one
"Sorry if there is one"

I came accross this on Don kings webpage..

BOXING games are notoriously difficult, they either look good and play bad or work well but are graphically poor. So we sent JIM MUNRO to meet guru of the ring Don King to find out about his new game DON KING PRESENTS: PRIZEFIGHTER (2K Sports), out this Spring for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

BIG fight fans will tell you there's more to boxing than two sluggers going toe-to-toe in the ring. But as far as most boxing sims are concerned, that's all you get.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter aims to make what you do outside of the ring just as important as your ability to clobber an opponent inside the ropes.

As the permanently enthusiastic Mr King told me at Madison Square Garden: "I wanted to make sure that if I had a game it would be a superb game. This is quintessential. Reality is life."

That reality includes a full career mode, where you make the early decisions that shape your career path.

Do you hit the virtual gym that forms part of the game's unique online mode and ramp up your abilities, or do you date that ring card girl and earn the headlines that will boost your popularity with the fans?

As you progress, the clever documentary style storyline features specially-shot footage of greats from the fight game, including King.

Thrown in along the way is the odd corrupt score judge, injuries and the occasional unexpected knockout punch, to add to that realism.

King's involvement has helped 2K Sports assemble an impressive card of 30 licensed boxers and 10 all-time greats as playable characters, or you can create up to eight fighters of your own.

King added: "Little kids are gonna take this game and beat big guys with their computer. That's what it's all about.

"Use this game to reinforce your own resolve. So with anything in life, you can say: 'I'm gonna do this, ain't nobody gonna stop me'."

First screen shot from the game!!!

I have been waiting for a new boxing game for a long time, and was disappointed that EA stopped making the Fight Night series. So when i saw this water came to my eyes..

I hope its better than Fight Night.....anyone know what boxers are in the game?
Sounds good. I love the idea of corrupt judges and flash KO punches.

30 boxers is not that many though. Not much more variety than Fight night 3.

They should have a "random" option that quickly throws together a fighter from the CAF menus.
i would love it if they had more than 30......30 is to small

top 20 in each weight categorize would be perfect!.........i can dream
top 20 in each weight class? Trying to get all those license fighters would be damn near impossible. It's unrealistic.
So far i've seen Ponce De Leon, Vic Darchinyan and Ken Norton.
was fight night round 3 easy (once you got the hang of it?) for PS3 or any other console?
This is gonna be the first game I've brought in a while, hope it's good. Fight Night was a great game.
Anybody think that 2K will release "Fighter Packs" for download? That's what Kudo promised to do for the Fight Night series but we all know he's a lying bitch.
lol why the fuck would you want corrupt judges in a video game. That makes it more likely that you'd throw your system and game into a wall.
...considering this is a DK endorsed game, I think it's a realistic addition to the game....and an interesting admission, of sorts.
I'd like to see celebrity trainers in the game. Its be fun to be able to hire Floyd Sr, or Freddie Roach and fight a guy with Teddy Atlas n the corner.