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Feb 28, 2002
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Da jake closed the one thread so I wasn't able to respond. But maybe you were right, maybe I shouldn't even respond to you since by reading your last post in that thread, it's obvious that you're a high-school drop out.

I'm a kindhearted fellow, and here is a sincere gift that you could possibly find useful..

Originally posted by The Doggfather
oh look. putz boy's got the dictionary. i didn't know this was a spelling bee. last time I checked, it was me telling you that you're belt doesn't mean squat.
ok i'm white. i'm new. happy? ok good cutie pie
now the reason some people think white's suck is because they, in general, don't make good replies.
I think mine aren't half bad. Yours SUCK. YOU SUCK. So I think it's time you get your pretty little color revoked.
hold on, I gotta scratch my balls...

Originally posted by The Doggfather
Hey Sweet Tits,

Help me!!! I'm trying to grab the dictionary but I can't get it. It feels like I'm touching some sort of glass screen or window:confused:

GODDAMMIT. if only I finished high school I wouldn't have this problem.:mad:

Thank you for displaying your stupidity so everybody can witness it. The only purpose of this thread was to make you write what you wrote, and prove your idiocy and illiteracy. Without even realizing, you verbally KO'd yourself moron.
I dunno FTYD, he's holding his own! You should be ashamed, the Verbal KO should happened immediately. Doggfather. It's not a spelling bee but you're not really showing a great level of intelligence in any of your posts. It's almost hard to read them. I'm not saying you're a high school dropout, but I'd definitely be surprised if you made it much further.
Yes, he's holding something of his own..he's holding a sign that says "I'm a jackazz, and I'm proving it with every attempt-of-a-sentence I write".

You know it's kinda tough to reciprocate his 4th grade humor. That's why I keep it short and dry. And besides, it would've been less fun to eliminate him with one single post; a slow death is much more fun, and accordingly, pain, don't you agree? I know you do, you sadistic devotee of torture and humiliation.
I think it's fucking hilarious how he's arguing with pictures though. I could understand if he continuously attempted to reply to derogatory statements but he's just replying to pictures. It's just funny to watch...
It's even funnier when somebody wildly throws haymakers that don't get to the target, which in this case is me, then all I have to do is bitchslap him when he's out of "power" and shut down the coffin. I learned to utilize energy in the most economic way possible.
HAHAHA this guy is hillarious. He's proud to be a dumbazz.

Yes, I keep it short and dry while you write essays in sentence fragments and illiterate grammar. Don't you see how retarded you look like by constantly laughing to your own joke attempts? But here is a little longer post that will depict you for the fool you are.

Lets set some facts straight. I wouldn't have started the thread hadn't jake closed the thread you felt insulted and wrote a post where you acted like a sensitive pussy. You hit me, I hit back. I wanted to let you know that you need to go back to school and get a basic english education. We were newbs before but you need to establish a presence and a personality before you act like somebody who grabbed the god by the balls.

The thread was moved from mma discussion to off-topic, and that's when I replied. I don't post in the mma discussion forum since it's full of idiots like you. I train in mma, you can come by my place to look for yourself, and I come to this forum to have fun, not to discuss mma topics, that were btw chewed 1000000x over again, with moronic white belts like yourself.

Yes, I made you popular. You tried me, I made you famous. A famous jackazz. You're now officially known as FTYD's bitch.
Whoa there Quasi. Don't look at me for sympathy and defending the white belts. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts topics. The newbies have destroyed that forum with their psuedo-knowledge and quests for novelty. Then when they're tired of looking at the bullshit over there they step on our feet in this forum and post many stupid comments. Not all are that bad and we might just be generalizing but fuck it, it's gotta be done.
HAHAHAHA fuck this fuck that..take a FUCKING prozac newb

Listen dumbFUCK, learn to use the word FUCK appropriately and then try swinging around with it. The way you use it just makes you look stupid like everything else you post.

Once again, the thread was TRANSFERRED to the off-topic. Why don't you check for yourself?

READ above the first post..

Sherdog Forums > General Discussion > Off-Topic Discussion > Please ban me


Do you now U N D E R S T A N D why I posted there. I was already wondering where all the white belts came from. They don't last long here for obvious reasons. If you still don't beleive me, check out the first or the second page, should be on one of these.

And if you took offense to the pic I posted, man you need to lighten the FUCK up. That's the way we play the game in off-topic. If it's too harsh for your sensitive soul then get the FUCK out. It's all in good fun spirit btw, we don't battle it out and spill blood. That's what dojo's are for where I train. Now take some humor 101 classes and come back when you loosen a bit. Then you can start having fun as well. Until then, stay away from OT and keep competing with other white belts in mma discussion for the most moronic comment ever.
Does anyone else notice that he doesn't fully grasp the letter 'e' and constantly replaces it with an 'i'?
That can only mean one thing..he never used that dictionary. And it was a good intent :(
Nice to see you finally lightening up. Just relax and have fun in OT since you're a yellow belt now, and thus, learned the basics :cool: