does rolling = back to back?


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Apr 3, 2005
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what i study is a combination of ju jitsu, judo, and goshin jitsu. a few times a week we practice back to back, which is pretty much a wrestling match with subs, chokes, and holds only. there is no standing.. you can be up on one foot as long as one knee is on the mat, and there is usually no striking (every once and a while we put the pads on and allow punching)

is this the same as what the bjj guys refer to as rolling?
i guess so, but we usually start on both knees or one guy sit's in guard...
Rolling is just a shorter term for grappling sparring. We can stand up, there's no rule saying we have to keep one knee on the floor.
Sounds like rolling, do you go all out, or close too?
rolling for us starts on the ground and can go to the feet but not very often..unless we are emphisizing our judo
I trained at a judo school that did what I think your talking about. We started sitting on our butts back to back, when the instuctor started us we'd turn around real quick and start grappling. Pretty much the same as what we call rolling in BJJ, but in BJJ we start on our knees (or sitting if you like to work open guard stuff) facing each other. Also it depends on the bjj school, but where I train it's perfectly normal durring the training to have one or both eventually end up on their feet at some point.
Where I roll (which depends on the day), it can be from the standing neutral position, from the kneeling neutral position, from one person's guard, from the butterfly guard, or back to back. Many places tend to switch it up so we don't get used to one position; although, I think we spend too much time starting from kneeling neutral in most schools. (You know you've spent too much time starting on your knees when you start considering how to modify judo throws to work from that position... :p)
We usually start on our knees also. We stand up if there isnt many people or if were wanting to work our takedowns. Haha Ive tried to work some throws from my knees... but Im awful at them standing so.. Im worse on the knees lol!
Ybot said:
We started sitting on our butts back to back, when the instuctor started us we'd turn around real quick and start grappling.

thats how it started.. but so many people caught elbows to the face, that we just started facing each other kneeling - the name just never changed.

i guess the reason we dont stand is that we already spend quite a bit of time on judo, so this is our best chance to work on grappling

thanks for all the responses
Sometimes at my school, we start backtoback and we have to lift ourselves off the ground using both of our weight, then we turn around and start rolling its pretty intense.