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Does JDS use knees???


Jul 26, 2010
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Maybe there is a thread, if so, kill me.

i assumed Cain would win this fight, i assumed JDS would win the prior.

Several times i have posted that i believe they are about tied for the interchangeable ! spot in division, with a slight edge to JDS.

However, by the 2nd, 3rd round (more the fight went on) i saw PLENTY of opportunities for clinch knees, possibly could have been a fight changer.

In fact I was surprised, i think they both missed this opportunity a lot.

Did anyone else find themselves shouting this at the screen?
do you mean zombie jds?
lol he was done in the first.
He was gassed, plus throwing the knee could lead to an easier takedown.
Lacticacidosis et gastankious minimus antirounduo
He used knees against Crocop and Nelson.

Yeah I felt the same way. He had the thai plum a few times but he seemed to be out of energy to much. I don
Yes he does sometimes even very effectively - throwing knees against a top wrestler is however not such a good idea ( watch Mir Lesnar 2 for a blatant example ).
Too worried about another take down, too tired after the grappling and ground control of Cain.

If anything I gain more respect for JDS after ufc 155. He shown alot of heart to continue to scramble in the later rounds after being taken down. Hell of a chin as well. He took some good shots.
That knee on Roy is a reason to have super slo mo in the UFC - watch the body fat ripple wave.
a wrestler like cain probably has a very strong core. You don't just pull his head down when your gassed
i believe at home he walks around on his hands, saving his knees for the cage.

and i say this based on absolutely nothing
He could barely walk by the second round.

Much less throw effective knees against a guy taking him down left and right.
At one point JDS grabbed a muay thai clinch and Cain punched him in the body til Junior let go, so that might have something to do with it
I saw several chances for him to throw them in the clinch but I think the fear of the take down played a huge role in him not doing so..