Does anyone else wish Chael would shut up and let Bendo talk a bit more?


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Jun 29, 2011
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Every time Benson talk in the studio he has all of these awesome technical insights into fighters and techniques. Trouble is, it feels like, Chael just can't wait to speak again cuts him off and talks in cliches.

Nope. Chael should talk more or have his own show.
Chael is really good at the post fight stuff.
I like Bendo but he sounds like he's chewing when he speaks but what he says is quite relevant and I like his analysis.

Whichever of them speaks the most if fine with me.
No. Bend talks like he has a mouthful of marbles. He should stick to his day job.

Sonnen's pretty damn good at talking, Bendo stammers and talks fast.. Dude could relax a little.
I wouldn't mind less Sonnen, but I certainly don't want more Bendo.
Nope. Chael is very well spoken. Bendo not so much, he pauses alot when he talks.
Nope not at all,

More Chael if anything,

Replace him with that sorry excuse for a commentator Anik while we're at it.
The less Bendo talks the better. I don't know if its because of that damn toothpick but buddy stumbles and stutters way to much.
Gotta disagree mate,he seems to be struggling with his delivery and flow. I'm sure it'll come with time and being beside Chael doesnt help as his gab his effortless and he doesnt miss a beat.
I just wish Jay Glazer would die from over-eating glazed donuts.

War Chael.

Chael is the microphone champion.