do u train w/strikes or do mma type sparring-if so how does it change your game


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May 29, 2005
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se;f explanatory, do you train or do mma type sparring; if so, how does the addition of stirkes or working from a standing position impact your strategy, abillity and the skills you use/apply.

what are the strengths of your ground game when dealing w/strikes, what are the weak points; does your overall skillset and eff drop off when strikes are introduced.

my game doesn't change much, because even when i grapple i do so from a position of standing; not because i am a standup guy per se, but because i trained for self def and fighting purposes. So i never got into the habit of eschewing my footwork or hand positioning, spacing or angles.

being that ground def/guardwork has never been my strength; i always try to maintain dist and use angles to def, control or limit attempts for takedowns.. so that im not taken down, if i am, im not put down exactly how my opp wants. Which gives me a chance of rev or getting away; an finally i use angles/dist to limit his attempts so that he won't have the dist and will focus more on closing or setting up for shots, not just shooting cus of my readjustments.

im less actively submission wise; i just don't want to get out positioned and punched in the face; an having faced alot of strikers w/competent ground games, when u get out of position u get blasted when u miss or when they escape and outposition u. I usually do alot of leg locks, ankle, kneebars, etc; an w/strikes the price to pay is a huge one. Same w/subs from the guard, im a bit more judicious, cus my guard is a bit suspect in the first place; i dont' want to compound it's weak points by using alot of sub attempts, etc.

this is just an idea of what i am talking about, in case noone understood; also do u have any real standup skills/exp that allow ur game on the ground to become more eff or is ur lack of standup make u predicatable. I.E. ALL U DO IS SHOOT BLIND OR RUSH TO CLINCH DO TO NO REAL STANDUP EXP
Everything is harder when you're getting punched in the face.
I haven't trained MMA in a long time (lately its all just sport BJJ) but when I did I was working out with a lot of amateur fighters some who fought in Hook-n-Shoot and Cage Rage. Honestly it changed a lot of my grappling game, everything became much, much, much faster, but the biggest change was in my own grappling game.

I have a pretty good guard-I always have-and I feel very comfortable there both gi and no gi. But when doing MMA, I didn't want to be on my back, ever. Period. If I did end up in guard standing back up was one of my top priorities. I did learn how to strike effectively/defend well from guard, but even then I didn't like to be there.

The other weird thing is that when doing MMA, I very rarely tried subs anymore. I still got them occassionally, but I was much more happy to just ride my opponent and beat the hell out of them with GnP than possibly lose position by going for a sub. We pretty much trained with Pride type rules (stomps, soccer kicks, knees to the head on the ground) but at a slow, controlled pace with those things. It was more to show the guy, "hey, I can knee the fuck out of your head right now" and we'd lightly knee him on the head. It defintely makes you move way, way faster because you realize you could get KO'd.
I wrestled since I was 10, but when doing no gi grappling (no strikes) I've always felt really comfortable playing a guard game or getting a takedown and maybe trying to pass, but usually a lot of leglocks.

When I train MMA I find it changes my game, I guess in a significant way. When we train with strikes I usually try to stay standing for awhile, my technique isn't great at all, but I hit hard enough to get people to cover up. So I'll usually throw some power punches and then shoot in for the takedown. My MMA game is definitely take down to ground and pound and/or take a submission if it's there.

If I end up on bottom though I actually feel really confident, even when there's punches, because my movement from bottom is good, I avoid taking a lot of damage and I catch people in armbars and leglocks from bottom all the time.

A note about leglocks: They're not horrible for MMA (as most people will tell you) the difference is you can't try to get the guy to TAP OUT. You have to try to break whatever you grab ahold of and hope they tap sometime before something breaks, but you can't do things in little incrimants. Masakazu Imanari does that, just grip it and rip it. It's kind of fucked up, but it's the only way to finish a leglock in MMA.
They can be like light and day. If the guy above you has good GnP then your jiujitsu can go out of the window, regardless of how good your guard is.
Don't be on bottom. I only practise GnP once a week, and I'm still very green.

In top of half-guard, put your knee on his bicep and hammer away. One hand strikes, the other grapples. Then switch.

If mounted, work like a dog to get up. Offer the triangle if you must, anything to initiate a scramble.
so it seems the mma aspect changes everyone's grappling game almost one hundred percent; i figured that to be true, but its odd that many spend soo much time doing a certain array of moves and strategies. An the min strikes are involved its world diff; as i said i don't change much about my style as self def/fighting are the reason i started training.

but i thought it would be a prudent question to ask; esp in light of how u see soo many high level grapplers dominated in mma, then see a less accomplished guy who can adj his game to mma more completely.