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Do dogs know when you're sick?


Holy Paladin
May 7, 2008
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I'm sick as hell and my dog, Oreo, won't leave my side and she's constantly licking my face whenever she gets the chance.

Anyone else sick? Tons of sick people here in LV, wonder what the hell it is that's going around.
There's studies that show that some dogs are able to smell cancer.

Google it.

Or maybe your dog notices the difference in your behavior.

Get better.
I think so. Dogs have an amazing intuition and sense of smell. And they can probably pickup specific smells for when you are sick.

I remember reading in the news about some cat in a nursing home that would sit bedside of the next patient to pass away days before they actually did. Weird.
people will probably flame when i say this, but i think they do.

hope you feel better brother.

Nah I think it is proven that dogs can smell certain ailments like colon cancer for example. Certain hospitals are using dogs for test like that and it is 88% accurate or something like that. Anyway my point is yeah dogs can tell when humans are sick.

To add to that dogs pretty much have their master's routine down. How you smell, how you act during certain parts of the day and when you are sick some of that routine changes.
Pretty much what the guy above me said. Dogs know routine. When you are sick, you act different and aren't in your routine. They know something is up.
You probably smell different, sound different, and behave differently. IDK whether they have concepts like "sick", and "healthy", or if they just instinctively respond differently.
I don't know, but I will say that my wife is about 6 weeks pregnant and our lab has been overly anxious to lay his head on her belly as of late.
I had 2 golden retrievers growing up and they could tell when I was sick or just in a bad mood. They would sit or lay next to me and just follow me around.

My current dog is a pug, and while he's an awesome dog he is totally clueless. When my me or my wife is sick or when my wife is getting really upset about something he's business as usual.
I think so. My dog also stays by me and isn't a hassle when I'm stressed or sad.

Hope you feel better. I caught something a few weeks ago that had me feeling worse than I can remember in years (wasn't the flu).
I think they can probably smell when you're sick. Like how a lot of dogs seem to be able to smell fear.
They can tell when things aren't right with you.

My cat seems to be able to tell when I'm in a bad mood or feeling down. She curls up on me when I'm like that.
I don't know, but I will say that my wife is about 6 weeks pregnant and our lab has been overly anxious to lay his head on her belly as of late.


Dogs tend to be stupid, but they know when the jig is up.