Dining With Danzig

Dammit. I thought this was going to be about Glen Danzig.
Damn, I thought was going to be about Glenn Danzig...
Me three on thinking this was about the lead singer of the Misfits.

Am I not the only old guy on these forums? Was anyone else here a skater punk "back in the day?"
cool find; I wish it was a little more in depth though...

I don't know if anyone else is huge MMA/UFC/TUF fans but i read John Kolosci's (sp) blog durring the last season. He talked about diets of people in the house and Tommy (runner - up) was caught eating raw turkey bacon. Made Kolosci (and myself)wonder about the merits of diets to a fighter
Why wouldn't you?

I don't endorse this type of diet because it's ineffective, and makes getting proper ratios of macros and micros harder than it should be. IMO, Danzig excels despite his diet, not due to his diet. He's a rare gifted athlete that has found what he thinks works for him through trial and error.

Also, he's not a vegan strictly for reason of health. Unless someone has a huge moral dilemma with eating meat, I see no reason not to. For a beginning athlete, to emulate this diet would probably bring about disastrous results.

That would mean 17,000-23,800g of protein daily. That seems pretty high protein to me.

Heh, I think that's a wee bit of a typo.