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Did anybody see the Telemundo fights Friday?


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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I'm glad I'm off my dubs so I can start this thread because I'm suprised nobody else on here has mentioned it yet.
Did anybody see the Telemundo fights last Friday? The main event was Saul Alvarez and Gabriel "Rey" Martinez. It was a pair of welterweights going 12 rounds for a regional strap.
Anyways, Alvarez was listed as 17 years old, but he looked pretty good. He controlled the majority of the fight before Martinez didn't come out for the 12th.
His boxrec record has him at 13-1-1 (11) now and I was just wondering if anybody else saw the fight and if so, what they thought. Thanks......
Was a good fight, but Martinez looked like garbage.
Alvarez is a good young fighter, but alot of holes.
OK. Just wondering what somebody else thought. I'd like to see him in against someone a little tougher.