All of the literature I have come across suggests it's a waste of your money. The only claim for DHEA with even a small amount of scientific backing is that it may help men over 40 to maintain muscle mass (but I think most of the guys studied were hormone replacement therapy candidates anyway).

Kabuki says some of his clients believe in it, though, so maybe he'll tell you some more when he sees this.
The 7-keto DHEA is good shit, definitely. Standard DHEA I've been taking myself for about a month now, I notice some differences but it can't and should never be considered an "anabolic performance enhancer"...it has very mild affects on boosting Test, not even enough I think to even be detected in a standard steroid test. But for the price, I think it's worth it to have in your regimen beyond the age of 25.
Thanks for the info everybody, King Kabuki what your saying is if i take supplements like TRIBEX that boosts my test levels i can fail a urine test, im asking this because im in the army and if you fail a urine test because steroid or anything like this i would be in big trouble. And i think the army looks for this kind of stuff in the tests.
I don't think Tribex shows up.
violentbrute - I'm in the Air Force and we have a Health and Wellness Center on base that will tell you if a supplement is legal to take for military. I'm sure it is called something different in the army, but ask around and you should be able to find someone who can give you the official answer.