Defending in Kickboxing

The Gubbinz

Oct 17, 2005
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Does anyone actually push their opponents punches to the side like we're taught to? I can imagine blocking is very important though. How much emphasis do you believe should be placed on defense in kickboxing? Dodging better than blocking?
I usually dodge crosses and block hooks.... of course when it seems so obivous that they are going to throw a hook. However, I'm a short guy in my weight class so almost all the time I am the one hooking. I cover up very tight so I'm automatically blocking although I'm trying to dodge...
Mainly, I parry straight punches and block hooks. I'm most confident with that. If my opponent telegraphs alot then I'll throw in a little head movement, though.
Jeremy Horn was right when he said that "defense keeps you in the fight."

I agree with everyone else on this thread about parrying straight stuff and blocking hooks.