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Aug 31, 2005
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So, most of the BB magazines out there are crap. At least, that's what I'm getting from most everybody here. Well, I travel a lot and sometimes like to read magazines. Normally, I check out Grappling, Bodyguard, Fighters Only, and a couple others. But, are there any decent strength training magazines out there that would be worth checking out?
I hear milo is pretty good, and t-mag may still put out a hardcopy of their magazine if you ask nice. As far as stuff that's available on the news stand? no, it's mostly horse shit for any real information on strength training.
Milo is good, but expensive. Powerlifting USA is ok for a quick read, and they have it at most Border's and places like that.
Well, I can get them all for free, but if I had to pick one out of them all and had to pay for it, I guess I'd say Bodyguard is my favorite. Randy Couture has an editorial in it, and they cover several events. Plus, they have a removable section with excerpts from different books by several diiferent grapplers.

Grappling actually just changed format and revamped things a little. I like the new format, so I'd recommend that, too, especially if you can't get ahold of Bodyguard.

Fighters Only is out of England, so it's a bit more pricey than the others.
I have subscriptions to Grappling, FCF and Body Guard. They're all good. I like BG the best now though.

If you're into MMA they're all good.
as far as mainstream BB mags, i think the best out there is Ironman cause they actually talk about getting super strong and the writers like bill starr and others have some balls to back their articles.
I hear Milo is pretty good but don't they only release 4 issues per year?
From what I hear (and judging by the authors I know who regularly contributre) these should be the most useful- not all are active:

Journals of Academic Research:
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (Requires Annual $115 NSCA Membership/4 issues)
Soviet Fitness & Sports Review (Yessis & Siff; 1966-1994)

Milo ($48/4 issues)

Powerlifting USA aka PLUSA ($33/12 issues)

Olympic Lifting:
None (Got a recommendation for one with actual training advice, Alon?)

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