De La Riva vs. single leg guards - no gi


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Sep 24, 2004
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Which of these two guards do you find more useful in no gi: De La Riva or single leg? How do you like to grip in both of them? Which are your high % sweeps and subs?
by single leg guard do you mean foot on the hip and hand controling that ankle?

im nervous about ankle locks w/ the de la riva guard no gi, but i use the elevator/overhead sweep (can get the helicopter armbar from here as well) and move to the back with the de la riva guard. i'll also go to a couple quarter guard sweeps i know from the de la riva.
The de la riva I believe is suppose to work with a gi. I like the foot on teh hip and grabbing the ankle, but why would you have someone standing against you while you are on your back. Any technique that works then use it. When I have someone in my guard I perfer a single leg butterfly guard.
I Try to set up a arm drag and work to the back or move to x guard and sweep . Depends on what my partner is doing at the time .