David Price V Derek Chisora?

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Mar 27, 2012
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How would you see this fight going? This is the kind of test Price needs if the Fury fight isn't happening yet (hopefully it is). Chisora is a good, solid heavyweight who will cause difficulty for anyone in the division, especially someone like Price.

How will Price cope when he hits Dereck with his best shots and he keeps coming at him? We all know Price is vulnerable and he doesn't like pressure, something Del Boy will definitely bring. Chisora showed he could get inside Helenious and Vitali, so I'm pretty sure he'd get inside Price. Unfortunately for Price, his chin isn't as sturdy as the aforesaid fighters.

I think Chisora would TKO him in 8 rounds. How do you all think Dereck would do and how good is he, could he pick up a belt in the future when the Klits retire?
Price hits very hard. It would depend on Derecks response to that and if he shows up looking like he did vs fury or vs vitali.

That and how he settles down with his overhand right because there was definitely something unusual going on in the haye fight.6
I think in the Haye fight the plan was to chop down the right hand on to the top of Haye's head. It's well known that Haye struggles with temple shots, his chin is pretty solid. He took flush shots to the chin from Wlad and didn't budge, but he's been shook up by grazing temple shots quite a lot.
Would make sense I guess but he looked like he focussed on it too much. He didn't look natural in that fight.

If price got through him it would be a good measuring stick, and del boy will fight anyone so I doubt they would struggle to make it happen if his camp wanted it.

As for a belt, why not. The WBC seem obsessed with getting arreola a strap and he is a limited guy. The whole division is wide open behind K1 and K2.
It's a great style matchup for Chisora, because he doesn't have to worry about Price moving around in the ring like David Haye. Chisora has a great inside game I think he can work Price similar to how he worked Helenius. Get inside and smash him on the body. Price hasn't shown that he has any inside game. This guy just fights from a distance throwing power punches. He has a nice jab but Chisora can expose him.

The two ways this fight will go, will either be Chisora via UD or Price via KO. I think Chisora can get inside on him at will. But at the same time Price has the knockout power to stop CHisora.
No mather how many losses Chisora receives he will always be a very dangerous fight for anyone.

If price can keep his cool hell get the job done though. One mistake however and Chisora will take his head off.

Like this matchup, real test for price.
I think Price would beat Chisora by ko/tko or ud.
I know Price is hurtable and Chisora is good test because even though he doesn't throw bombs he can do damage but I think Price is just too good a technical boxer. I think it's him who'll surprise Chisora with his speed and power and finish Chisora within 4 rounds.