Daniel Cormier's Next Fight?


A Warrior's Heart
Oct 18, 2006
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Who would you like him to fight at HW if he doesn't end up getting matched with Mir? It appears he will fight one more time at HW then go to LHW to beat Jones for the belt.

Dos Santos

Id like to see him against Overreem b/c i think he could definitely hurt him and take him down at will almost..at least enough to mix things up and not get KOd by him to win the decision if necessary. Same goes for Dos Santos. I also like the fact if one of those two guys lost to Cormier it would 1). make Cormier look like the best or second best fighter in the world and 2). ensure that there wouldn't be any doubt even in casual "fans" minds that he would in fact be a legitamite threat to Jones
Everyone seems to be cool with Mir/Cormier but I would much prefer JDS/Cormier. I think if Cormier came in and beat JDS he would have tons of hype around him for his drop to 205.
I think Mir, mainly because they were supposed to fight, and Cormier just called him out for like the 2nd time. I want to see how Cormier does against UFC competition.
hunt, barry or carwin. seems to early for JDS. rather see JDS fight someone else 1st as well (besides cain or cormier)
JDS needs an easy win before he fights an immensely hyped rubber match against Cain. Win over Cormier will boost JDS' stock and give the rematch "Cain avenges friend and mentor" theme.
But Junior may very well lose to Cormier and UFC will lose money on not selling Cain-JDS 3 while the hype is still hot.

Again, if Reem loses against Silva, he won't fight Cormier, too - DC is cutting to LHW and if he wins over Alistair, HW division loses one contender and doesn't gets another.

Depending on how Reem fares against Silva (e.g. who goes for the title) I think Cormier may get Struve-Hunt winner or even Nelson or Kongo. That said, most likely he fights Mir and, if he wins, maybe Gus/Machida-Hendo winner/Rashad-Lil Nog winner as his welcome fight at LHW in mid-summer and then Bones late in autumn (that's 4 fights a year but he wanted to get busy once he gets to UFC).
Cormeir beat Big Foot and Barnett there is no reason for a introduction gimmie fight...the only hesitation in giving him someone like Santos or Reem is that those guys want title shots soon and are top contenders in a relatively thin division do why have a guy that has stated he is going to LHW very top HWs even though he can certainly beat them? sucks b/c i think he could beat anyone in the world including Cain/Santos/Overreem.
If he wants to fight Jones he should have a contender fight at 205 not heavyweight.
I think it will be Mir, I don't think the UFC would set up JDS vs Cormier because if Cormier wins he won't fight Cain and is talking about dropping to 205
Seems weird to have Cormier fight at HW if he's serious about moving down to 205. I'd like to see him fight another big LHW at at Catch Weight like 215 and then make the transition down to HW.

That being said, i guess mir since that's who DC is calling out right now.
I want to see him at LHW. He says he wants to fight Bones, then he should face a LHW contender.

Cormier v Gustaffason is the fight I want to see next.
Hunt, Barry, Miocic sounds good to me.

Besides Hunt, why such low ranked guys? Cormier is on a very hot streak, holding wins over 2 former top 10 guys (one of which Cain beat to get his title shot against JDS), and you want him to fight Barry or Miocic? Those just seem like gimme fights to me, Barry is tough but no way could he ever defend Cormier's wrestling. Imo Cormier is a top 5 HW and should only be fighting top 10 guys.
I don't get this JDS hype crap.
All the guy has is tdd & boxing, and it only takes you so far...
Cormier would molest him at will.
Not Barry. DC need to fight atleast in the top 5. Someone like JDS, Verdum or Overeem. Then if he wins a title fight with Cain.
His reputation would suggest he's a class above Mir so he should have to beat someone like Dos Santos before he gets a title shot, he had a good win against Barnett but he still needs to beat a number one contender in the UFC imo and Mir isn't exactly a number one contender atm
he is a threat to anyone.
dana has to choose wise.