Media Dana White releases new self loving me vs the media video.

Seems like having the 300k bonuses motivated the fighters a bit more to put on good exiting performances

Yeah, but according to Dana, this will make it infinitely harder to book these guys in future.

Which is kinda interesting, since we're already seeing these guys booked again lol
Despite the recency bias, I still think I was more excited for 100 and 200. 300 was a good event, but didn't have an epic matchup that I was looking forward to.
Adorable video, but...

It is hilarious how Dana always cries about the media peddling "fake news", and yet...


Dana caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

What a small, little man.

It's amazing how someone can be a huge, huge, huge success, can have everything going for them, can be on top of the world, and can still cry the poor tale and play victim for literally no reason.

Dana is a weird guy, man.

Was funny is thay Helwani actually kept defending the card, he just said that the main event was anticlimactic and put together in the last minute.

Some of the Weili vs Yan reactions are also from before the full card was announced (which were dumb to be fair)

Brendan Schaub and Jessie on Fire are not media, they're just dipshits with a mic. The two dumbest people I've ever heard, like for real. I know kids that were in special ed that were smarter than those two.
Ayo I ain't know my yute Big Mac be trollin Dana lmfaolll walahi bro is crazy fam most dem media mandem just talkin shit for click fam ain't never satisfied str8 greedy fam 🚫🗣️📠

What was the epic 200 matchup for you?
Was hyped for Silva/DC and Brock/Hunt. It felt bigger. Not to mention Aldo/Frankie. Maybe it was the curveball of matchups I never thought possible even more tha Max/Gaethje.
I dunno Hunt was in my favorite fight of all time with Hunt/Bigfoot. Brock/DC/Silva/Aldo/Edgar were all champs I loved to watch. Maybe guys like Pereira and Hill weren't established enough for me to feel like it was bigger.
Good. Media should be called out on their BS for once in human existence
I saw this. I also saw the card. Card was good.

Was the criticism valid? 100% it was. The card didnt feature stars. It was a very good card for the hardcore fan.
MMA media is the most bitch ass easy going bunch of goofs and Dana acts like he getting pressed hard lmao.

Also LOL at including fooking Brendan "the comedian" fucking Schaub.

Dana is a fucking clown lol.