Dana White doesn't read books

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Devilton, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Your entire argument is a house of cards.

    There’s no consistency in what you’re saying.

    E1b is a North Africans group. That’s a fact. You can’t change that no matter what n it’s the main group amongst Albanians.

    now of course there are different subclades:

    e v13 = Southern Europe
    E v12 = Egypt
    E m81 = Maghreb

    it doesn’t change the fact thst they’re connected n come from North Africa.

    Same thing with Western European group. There’s Celtic subclade = r l21 n there is Germanic subclade = r s21. Just cause they’re different subclades doesn’t mean they don’t belong to the same r1b group n are not connected.

    i group on the other hand is European.

    i2 is Southern European

    Subclade I l621 is balkanian group n predates Slavs. They came there during Paleolithic times. Way before E1b arrival from North Africa.

    You have to deal with reality that today’s south Slavs are original/native balkanians n were there before North African Albanians.

    ppl lie, genetics don’t
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    Sounds like something Bukowski would write in a book.
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  3. Zanmato

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    To be fair, when do you think a guy as busy as Dana fucking White has time to do any reading? The guy is working around the clock
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    I'm the one being consistent , You're the oen who has no idea about what he is saying.

    I've literally just posted scientific proof that I2 came in the Balkans with the Slavs during the 6th century alongside proof that E-V13 and J2b2 were dominant haplogroups amongst Ancient Illyrians and Ancient Greeks.

    You're not Illyrian culturally , linguistically or genetically(Unlles you have J2b2 or E-V13 on you).

    Arguing with you at this point is pointless , No matter how much proofs will i provide you will still go by your serb fantasies. J2b2 was found in an Illyrian settlement during the period Illyrians were in the Balkans. The same Haplogroup reaches its peak within Albanians today and is almost inexistent within Slavs.

    You duck every question pointed at you and continue spewing your serbian fantasy narratiev , While I debunk every single one of your fantasy narratives with ease.

    Why E-V13 , J2b2 and R1b reach their highest peak amongst ALbanians and Greek and its lowest amongst South Slavs(E-V13 is to some extent moderate amongst Slavs as well due to assimilated native population) while I2 reaches its highest point amongst Slavs and its lowest amongst Albanians (Ghegs especially where I2 is almost inexistent) and Greeks?

    Slavs migration is well-documentated , Albanians migration is not.

    Because it didn't happen , Albanians were there. Stay living in your fantasy world.
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    lol I read that book. So boring and completely outdated and most of the stuff it was trying g to preach I already knew naturally, instinctively.
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    you’re completely clueless, but it’s no surprise considering Albanians have by far the lowest iq in europe.

    again I2 is south European group. It was present there during Neolithic period with starcevo culture.

    it’s also present in Sardinia in high numbers.

    the fact that it present in high numbers in Romania n Ukraine means that some of them left the balkans n explored further east. If still doesn’t change the fact that they were there before North Africans (E1b).

    Now it’s funny you talked about how Slavic migration is well documented. Where? The only thing that’s know is that they are mentioned for the 1st time around 6th century. That’s still 500 years before any mention of “Albanians”.

    Now sure you can say that today’s south Slavs are not Illyrians n that’s k, but neither are Albanians.

    there was no such thing as “Illyrians”. It was just a generic term for all the inhabitants living on territory of former Yugoslavia by Greeks n Romans.

    The closest thing to native balkanians (Illyrians) is i2 group that is shared by present day south Slavs, unlike Albanians who have mostly North African n West Asian DNA.

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