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Cutting weight for a fight


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Dec 10, 2003
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Hi I have a Muay Thai fight on August 27th at 130-135lbs, i am currently about 145. As far as a diet goes what are some tips for cutting weight for a fight? Should i just train hard and then the last weeks or so begin to cut? or could i just workout in a sauna the day before weight in and sweat it out? i believe thats what boxers do, like weighin in at 130 then the next night gainin it all back and being 140. or should i gradually lose the weight now? thanks any advice will be appreciated.
Definitley be training hard and you should be able to cut down low enough that you can just sweat out the water before the weigh in if you're already at 140.
Depends if you way in the night before. If so then you should be able to cut 5-10 pounds of water weight that day. If not then you should start loosing it steadily now.
ya the weigh in is the night before. wow if i can just sweat the 10lbs right before weigh-in then i got nothin to worry about.
If you run and do all your cardio like you are supposed to and eat a well balanced diet you will lose the weight, you did not mention BF% so its hard to say yes you will make the weight but if you have so much time to lose the weight why do wanna pull the weoght off the night before? Have you ever lost so much weight in a single training session? Have you ever pulled weight for a fight? It makes you very weak my friend and i suggest you start dropping the weight ASAP...
Yeah, I don't know of many people in Muay Thai who cut weight like wrestlers or boxers do...you could cut weight by augmenting your diet (i.e. Warrior Diet-check the thread), and maybe cut some water weight...

...you're lucky-out here, for our amateur Muay Thai fights, weigh ins are only 1hr ahead of time, so cutting water is definitely out of the question
I'm a HW. I pity you all.