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Jun 22, 2005
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I apologize beforehand knowing that this topis has been discussed to death but I have to leave for work in a few minutes and don't have the time to search topic after topic, I just need some quick answers: I have a wrestling/grappling tournament on saturday and want to fight in the heavyweight class (not sure but its under 225) and right now I'm at about 228, what would be a good way to cut a bunch of weight in roughly a week. I've been drinking alot of water but what foods should I be eating and how often should I eat them. Thank you for taking your time to answer; if you do so at all.
you only need to cut three pounds. sweat it off in a sauna or just monitor your fluids the day of the weigh in
thanks for the advice but i started 'cutting' yesterday by drinking alot of water and eating little and i weighed myself tonight and im at 225, so dropping a little more wont be hard. thank yuo fro your replies though
Gsoares2 said:
take exlax
I would not do this one. Hell you can wear sweats and jumprope or hit pads for a few min. to drop 3 pounds. That is a breeze.
Shit, my weight fluxuates about 5 pounds of water weight almost every workout. You should have no trouble cutting just 3 pounds. Go skiprope fora few minutes before the weighin and you'll be fine.
Not the best thing to do but when i wrestled I could spit 3 pounds in about 1/2 an hour. Thats basically what to do if you fuck up and need to lose weight really fast. Get sour apple bubble tape and chew small pieces so you salivate heavily then spit, change to fresh pieces frequently and it should be easy.
Eat early. Get a good intense workout in and go home take a hot bath (as hot as you can stand) get out dry off and put on your sweats right away and go to bed. You can lose 3-6lbs overnight while you sleep. Your body will try and cool its self off by causing you to sweat in your sleep. Works all the time. Just be ready to drink after weigh-ins

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