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Jul 30, 2007
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For anyone interested in both Crossfit and endurance/multi sport events, you should check this site out.

It seems to have just started recently, but it provides multi sport/endurance sport specfic workouts that can apparently be done in conjunction with the WOD's on the main site.

It's focus is on intervals and time trials seemingly, and it shuns LSD in true Crossfit style. I think it's an interesting idea and will continue watching it, being interested in multi sport events.
Crossfit has been discussed on here before, you're not gonna get any good talk about it on here.
crossfit has some good workouts, like the named ones. But, most people don't want to follow the WOD program because it's just so freaking random, whereas we have specific goals in mind. It would just be hard to find any improvement, other than GPP, with a crossfit routine because they have so many arbitrary workouts. One day it's squat thrusts, supersetted with handstand pushups. The next it's to run 6 km. And the following day is to do 200 pullups for time, or something. But I do admit that for conditioning I do use some crossfit workouts.

Crossfit endurance looks like it'd be good for triathalons . One of my goals in life is to run a marathon and triathalon before I get too old, so maybe i'll start using that site when the time is right.
Its not my point. At first it was crossfit certification. Now its certify everything. I know crossfit isn't liked here. That's my point. You don't do certs in every single damn subject.
Crossfit has been discussed on here before, you're not gonna get any good talk about it on here.

Crossfit is usually more accepted here in the conditioning forum as opposed to the S&P forum.
vedic, it seems to me you're making no division between their workout programs and their marketing schemes. I, too, am disgusted by the way they try to trick gullible people, but in reality any smart, rational person should be able to spot that crap right away. Whereas their workouts can be pretty decent. A lot of their named workouts resemble the conditioning challenges here. I really suggest you actually look and try some of those workouts (but probably not the WOD) . And who gives a crap about training certificates? Surely you and all of us know better than that. The workouts are put online free, describe any new exercise you could want, and there's dozens of ones to choose from. To me that seems like a fairly good deal.
Lol, I have "tried" their workouts. As for smart rational people. In all honesty I know a few people in that org, or recently out of it that are smart. That's not the point.

The point is they are going beyond bastardizing fitness. People should train thats great, but a piece of paper doesn't mean squat in the end. Especially if someone told me they were a " crossfit certified triathalon coach"
You're right, a piece of paper doesn't matter in the end. But it really doesn't preclude you from doing their workouts, now, does it? And I noticed your derision when I suggested you do their workouts, but what I don't get is that several of their workouts are essentially the same as what we have here in the conditioning forum because they are excellent workouts. I've never understood people's righteous indignation to crossfit, especially as it's a) a free program and b) in what way can it possibly affect you? Any popular, mainstream fitness program will become bastardized in America because people are greedy. Look at all those ab devices, fad diets, people like matt furey, etc... But that shouldn't detract you from quality workouts that are free nonetheless.
So what. I use WSBB, METCON< kettleballs, etc etc in all of my training. Doesn't mean I idolize WSBB, or crossfit etc etc, and that bastardize fitness by charging people money for a cert that can only get them work in a gym that is part of the governizing body. You find nothing wrong with that?

Free, doesn't mean its worth trying. Hell chicken hearts and liver are free to eat most places. Sound appealing? No.
no who said anything about idolizing? You seem so caught up in this certification crap that you just have a personal grudge against them, but once again, how in god's name does it affect you? in honesty, it doesn't. Take what you can and move with it, as you should with ALL fitness programs since none of them are going to be tailored exactly to you. I focus primarily on lifting right now, but I throw in some ross enamait, crossfit, and interval style workouts for conditioning. I'm tired of having to repeat myself to you, as I'm sure you're tired of having to reiterate your arguments against mine. Let's just say we are at an impasse and move on.
I merged the thread you initially started here, Vedic. I have no idea where the fuck it is. Damn merging never seems to work right.
Whats funniest is that no one has addressed any of the material on this site. He did mention the original crossfit site but the focus of this post was obviously what do you think of this site in conjunction with normal crossfit.

I think it is a good idea to increase volume beyond the normal crossfit routine if you're in good enough shape. Though I disagree with relying on any site for a group of workouts and the randomness of the workouts is also a negative (difficult to measure improvement).

As long as you aren't over-training (feeling really fatigued during the day, mentally off) then go for it. Copy down their first 20 workouts (so you don't have to rely on the website if your internet goes down) and rotate through them.

Some of these exercises seem pretty unrealistic (tabata swims measuring distance?) or recording distances outside is pretty difficult. I would try to do something more measurable.