Cross Promotion


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Apr 27, 2005
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Being that there are so many times where fighters are underpaid and matches we want to see don't get to happen because of fighters tied to exclusive contracts with said promotion I think more & more cross promotion fights have to happen in order for the best fights to happen & to open up the possibility of better pay.

The better pay would happen because each promotion would both either give win incentives and/or each promotion would put together a grand prize winning or each promotion would both put up money for each fighter fighting from different promotions. Just raising the pot for the fighters purse because you have both promotions put up money not just for their own fighter, but the fighter from the rival promotion as well.

They could have like a grand tour UFC vs Pride, WEC vs UFC, Cage Rage vs UFC and etc., also maybe promotions after time with successful shows could partner up and become one big promotion ensuring better pay and more exposure for the fighters and moving a step closer to the sport really being about MMA as opposed to being about so and so promotion.
Sure, sounds good. How's the lifting coming along?
OOps, wrong forum can a MOD move this to the mma forum for me please, well, the lifting is making me tired and I think I'll switch to more of a conditioning routine with some lifting and mostly calisthentics mixed with cardio more to work off some fat then come back to more serious lifting after I lost the weight.

Also, for some reason it's mostly my shoulders, triceps and chest somewhat getting the better results vs the rest of my body, I've been following Urban's strength training 101 routine and I think I'd rather focus on one exercise for each bodypart and try to hit those bodyparts twice a wk to ensure a better my muscles are getting enough work, I mean their tired from just a more powerlifting oriented routine simply because of sheer volume of exercises for some bodyparts so I'd rather drop some exercises so I can focus more on a better objective with more of a conditioning routine first.