crocop's training?


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Nov 14, 2005
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I was wondering if anybody here in the standup forum had any information on crocop's training background. His style is listed as kickboxing and I was wondering what kind? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be considered muay thai. I heard somewhere he was self taught back in his K-1 days, anyone know if it's true? Thanks for any info.
ive heard multiple times that he is a boxer and thai boxer, while i've also seen him listed as just "kickboxing" many times.
He started with TKD, switched to kickboxing, then when he turned pro, he trained with numerous trainers, and not in a particular style in a class.

He had a Muay Thai coach, he still has a boxing coach, he spars with some former TKD guys, etc.
He also has an amateur boxing back ground with roughly 45 fights(you can check on his website).