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    Hey everyone,

    My overall goal is to drop from 207 to 187. Put on a few extra pounds of fat since January when I stopped Muay Thai and resumed good ole 531. Put on lots of strength and muscle, but a bit of flub came with it. Diet wise I am monitoring calories, as well as eating "Paleo" as a general guideline. Will monitor weightloss and go from there.

    Overall the program has me lifting 3 times a week. Assistance work will be 3 or 4 exercises at 3x8 or 5x8-10 reps. Unsure if I should have all that volume. Maybe swap out some assistance for a finisher of some kind. Conditioning twice a week, the more intense conditioning workouts come earlier in the cycle and taper off as weight increases with my lifts and I can go for PR's. Deload week will be condensing down the lifting to two days and trying to get out for some activity such as shooting hoops, a light run, riding a bike, or some rec sports. Here is the program, looking forward to your comments.


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