Critique routine please


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Apr 4, 2008
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Hi this is my routine looking for some constructive critisism/pointers, its two sessions each repeated twice over an 8 day split. I have a rotator cuff injury hence no bench or millitary press, I also do some ab, cardio and rehab for my shoulder on days off.

Session 1
squats 5x5
B.O rows 5x5
Tyre flips and sled work
good morning 5x5

Session 2
deads 5x5
weighted pull ups 5xmax
weighted dips 5xmax
floor press 5x5
heavy barbell curls 5x5

Probably a bad move to do good mornings after tire flips and sled work. tire flips and sledwork will wear you out. You don't necessarily have to do 5X5s for everything either.
I will agree with Chase. Move one of the pressing movements to day 1. And don't worry about doing curls for 5x5. Just grab some dumbells and do 3 sets for higher reps. Do tire flips and sleds at the end of the workout, too.

My thought would be:

Session 1
Squats 5x5
Good Morning
Floor press
Weighted pull-ups

Tyre flips and sled work

Session 2
Deads 5x5
BO Row
Weighted dips
Curls/whatever arm work

I like donuts change to the routine, you could even switch the weighted dips with the weighted pull-ups to assist the floor press.