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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Evcity, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I need to get back into the gym properly this summer (will be doing MT and BJJ, hopefully) and I'd like to build some power as I am one of those tall skinny types. After doing some reading, this is what I've come up with as a workout routine:

    DAY 1

    - 30 minutes of cardio
    - 3x10 wide grip pull ups, burnout set w/ pulldowns
    - 5x5 bent over rows
    - 5x5 deadlifts, w/ trap shrug

    DAY 2

    - 30m cardio
    - 5x10 bench press
    - 5x10 pullovers
    - weighted crunches
    - seated dumbell twist

    DAY 3

    - 30m cardio
    - 5x10 backsquats, straight & sumo
    - 3x10 pistol squats
    - 3x20 jumping squats
    - 3x10 weighted calf raises

    DAY 4

    - Uphill run, mixed with lunges, burpees & rock throwing (big long dirt trail near my home, pretty steep, great incline.)
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    Read the FAQ. Tons of great info there. WSFSB might be worth trying depending on how new you are to lifting. I've found the unilateral work is great and the new jump days help greatly for pure athleticism. DeFranco's Training ..:: The Ultimate Way To Become A Better Athlete ::..

    Day one: Deadlifts
    Deadlifts 5X5
    Bent Over Rows: 3-4 x 6
    Pullups if you want. I love pullups so I throw em in after for whatever I have left.

    Day Two:
    Overhead Press or Incline Bench 5X5
    Close Grip Bench 3-4 x 6
    Another Preferred assistance excercise

    Day Three: Squats
    Squats 5X5
    Front Squats 3-4X6
    45* hyperextensions 3 x6(keep it limited)

    Day Four: Any GPP stuff you wanna do. Strongman style lifting. Rope climbs. Hill running whatever you like. Keep it fun.

    If you're doing BJJ or MT you might have to cut down on some of the workload depending on how often if your goal is to really gain significant power/weight. See how it goes though.

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