critique my workout plan



thuesday push

flat bench
close grip bench
incline DB press
seated DB press
skull crushers

do them all on 5*5. i think im doing to much on my push thinking of removing the db seated press

thursday pull

deadlift 5*3
bent over bb row
good mornings
lat pulldown(behind the neck)
one handed DB row
barbell shrug

all on 5*5 exept the deadlifts. here im thinking of removing the lat pulldowns as i already do pullups 2 times a week on the day that i dont life. so it may be too much.

leg day -saturday

squat 5*3
front squat
calf work (do supersets of standing calfraise machine and seated calf raises)
leg extensions
leg curls

again on a 5*5

already removed teh leg curls from my regime, and im also thinking about removing the leg extensions and replacing them with somethign else. was thinking bout box sqiuats but my gym doesnt have boxed or someting else to sit on......and tehy dont like the benches to be moves into the power rack or bringing your own equipment.
i thought about doing the leg press isntead but i stopped doing it for a while coz it always gave me kneew problems afterwards
you may want to reduce your volume. 5 x5 for 6 movements is a lot!!! do lunges/ 1 leg lunges instead of extensions/leg curls - they rock
yeah but the thing i do is increase the weight with each the first set is nowhere so difficult as the last set....the first 4 sets are always weights that i can do for full 5 reps.the last set is wiht a weight that i struggle for 5 reps