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    So I started training MT and no gi grappling last summer for about 3 months, however I was only able to attend classes about twice a week due to distance and work schedule and then I got married so I had to stop going there. Anyway I started training again in late january from about 3 days a week and now have worked my way up to 6. Here is my training schedule broken down. Sometimes it doesnt always work out like this 100% but this is what I aim for.

    Monday: 12-1 BJJ class w/sparring, 1-130 I do a bag circuit for MT, afternoon or evening Strength training (squats, deads, bench, military, etc.)

    Tuesday: 11-12 MT, afternoon Grip training

    Wednesday:12-1 BJJ w/sparring, 1-130 MT bag circuit, evening Strength training

    Thursday:11-12 MT, Grip training, 6-7 boxing

    Friday: morning strength training, 7-8 no gi, 8-830 no gi sparring

    Saturday: 11-12 BJJ, 12-1230 sparring, 1230-130 MT, rest

    Sunday: rest

    Like I said I have only been training really since Jan, I am a 1 stripe whitebelt and I have my first bjj tourny this weekend. I would definately like to compete in mma in the future, but want to be at least a blue belt and have a few muay thai bouts under my belt as well. If I continued with this kind of training schedule do you think it is sufficient for amatuer mma? Or do alot of guys train even more often, (like 2 a days)? My work and wife/kids just doesn't permit me to do that, I'm just wondering if this is a solid enough schedule to legitimately compete in the next year.

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