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Mar 15, 2005
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Well well well..

You're here. In my training book. I'm currently attending Fordham University in Bronx, NY. (Boogie down, bitches). My main goal is to get my weight down from 170 to 155. Also getting faster and stronger along with the weight loss.

About Me:


Crew practice is @ 6AM Monday thru Saturday. Saturday is @ 8:30AM. This will be my day:

** All times in AM
Wake up.
Get Dressed.
Have a snack, maybe egg whites or something.
Meet @ the meeting spot w/ the rest of the team.
2.5 Mile run down to the Harlem River for practice @ 6:30.
Practice until 7:45-8:00.
2.5 Mile jog back to campus & get ready for 8:30 class (Mondays & Fridays only).
The rest of the days I have 10:30 or later classes.

Breakfast (after practice, 9:00AM-10:00AM) - Eggs/Salad, maybe a Healthy Cereal.
Lunch (12:00AM-1:30PM) - Tuna/Turkey on Whole Wheat bread, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Water.
Snack (3:00PM-4:00PM) - Nuts or Yogurt.
Dinner (6:00PM-7:00PM) - Healthy meat, Salad.

Workout (8:00PM-9:00PM)
1.5 Mile Run w/ Slight Incline.
Compound Exercise depending on Day (Squat, DL, BenchPress) + Supporting.

Anyone have any comments? Go ahead and post. My Training starts as of Monday, September 12th, 2005.

My main thing about the workout is that I won't be going too hard. I don't need huge muscle gains, I need to cut down my weight, thats my main goal. Faster and stronger.
Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lest we ever forget..

So I wake up at around 1:45PM today because I went out last night. My last night of partying with the fellas/ladies. From now on I can only go on Saturday nights but I can't drink because I don't want to mess up my diet/workouts.

I get to the Cafeteria around 2:15-2:30PM and my meal goes as such:

Turkey, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Mustard on Whole Weat Bread.
Four EggWhites.
Cranberry Juice.
Total Whole Weat Cereal w/ Milk.

I plan on having dinner around 7:00PM because I'm at the library right now doing work. I missed breakfast obviously because this is the most sleep I will be getting for awhile. Yay me.

We'll see whats for dinner a little later. I might do some running later on tonight around 8:00PM just to get a good breather in, but probably not. I plan on going to sleep around 10:30PM latest because I need to make my 5:30AM wake-up a pleasant one.

Monday, September 12th, 2005

First day of crew... Yay.

I was really excited as I stumbled out of bed dazed and confused at 5:15AM. I didn't take a shower because I knew I'd be sweating it out on that 2.5Mile run. I Brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on my shorts, shirt, socks and shoes.

Met my buddy Mike right outside my dorm room and we went to the meeting area together. Everyone met up, and the Varsity guy came over at around 6:00AM to run with us down to the Harlem River. He's freakin strong and fast. He bolted right off the bat at a half sprint, not even a jog. Out of like 12 novice guys that were running, only about 7-8 kept up with him for the first half of the run.

He slowed down every now and then at intersections (we are running through the Bronx to get to the river) to make sure stragglers don't get lost because we didn't know the way. My legs felt like they were in total shock, running at this early in the morning, had to get my blood pumping.

I was about 3-4 guys in front of the end of the pack. There were about 8 guys about a block and a half ahead of me when we finally got down to the river. I had to stop and walk sometimes, for like 15-30 second intervals.

Once we got down to the river, I knew I was out of shape. That 2.5Mile run hurt. My lungs were burning and my calves were killing me. The coach arrived around 6:30AM, we got there around 6:25AM.

25 Minutes for 2.5Miles is about 10 Minutes/Mile. For me, thats freakin good considering I don't run. I did weightlifting, but never ran, just wasnt my thing. Now I'm going to have to make it my thing.

Either way, the Coach gave us a cool intro to everything and we all took the boat out and learned how to rig it and such, but we all knew that Rowing wouldn't start for another few days.

At about 8:00AM, we were let go, and everyone walked/slowly jogged back to campus. Once I got back to my dorm, I hit the sack in my boxers for a good two hours before class. It was probably the best sleep of my life.

Remember, I haven't eaten anything yet. After I woke up and went to my class, I finally went to get lunch.

At around 1:00PM my meal went as such:

Rice and Beef w/ Veggies.
Cranberry juice.
Two Egg Whites.

Then I had two more classes.

Went to eat dinner around 7:00PM and had:

Chicken slices w/ Veggies in a sauce.

something else that I don't remember at this point, probably a fruit or something.

Then around 9:00PM I had a Yogurt (Peach). Went to sleep at like 11:00PM, had to get some work done. I had a 19 hour day pretty much and only got 5 hours until the next practice/run, Yay.
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Woke up @ 5:20. Rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and put on my clothes. Ah, the dreaded run again.

At least this time we didn't have to follow the Varsity guy who likes to Sprint to the river :). I had a good jog down to the River and got there at about 6:25-6:30AM after leaving at around 6:00AM. Making my run timed at about 25-30 Min, which is roughly 12 Min/Mile. For a jog, I approved. I didn't wear myself out as much as yesterday and felt better when I got down there.

Coach was fashionably late by about 5 minutes, but no one cared because we were all amped to get "The King" (our boat), out onto the water and rig it and play around with it. We can't row yet because we were informed that we have to pass a "swim test" today before we can actually get in the water.

We got the boat out, rigged it, tightened the bolts, then picked it up and manuevered it down to the water. Then we got another little tutorial by the assistant coach about our shoe placement and oar crap and all that stuff. Interesting:). I was so amped to just get in and row already.

Its a step by step process to learn so we are doing Arms only first for as long as we can do it in unison, then add the body, then finally the legs.

We got let go late, and I was late to my 8:30AM class. My teacher yelled at me for it but I talked to her after class and she was fine with it as long as it doesn't happen often.

I am REALLY starting to feel sore now, everything below the waist is sore. No upper body soreness but that will change because I start my workout routine today.
Wednesday, September 14th

Well I'm sitting here at work on campus, I have a really shitty job. I'm stuck with like inventory and crap but sometimes I get to use the computer. :icon_twis This morning, that 2.5Mile run turned into a walk.

I left early (5:45AM) to get to the river because I knew I wouldn't be running. My shins hurt so bad by the time I was 4/5's there it was crazy, never have I had that before. I jogged most of the flatland and downhill and walked all the slightly uphill and uphill. 3/4's of the way I walked.

It sucked to say the least. However practice was great, we finally got in the water and learned to balance as a team and did a couple of drills right next to the dock, but tomorrow, we get to actually row as a team!

Can't wait.

On the way back, most of the guys from Crew met up at the Cafeteria and had breakfast as a team, it was nice. Felt like a family kinda. Good times.

Tonight starts my Weight Training / Biking. Trying to fight that lactic acid buildup in the legs. I might do running, switch off Treadmill and biking depending on the day. Today will not be legs because they are too sore, I'm going to be doing Deadlifts/Back.

Wish me luck. :)
Friday, September 16th, 2005

My workout finally starts. Monday Crew officially begins because we finally got a van, which means no more 2.5Mile run there and back, which means more time on the water. Anyway, here it goes..

Bench Day 9/16

Bench Press:
  • 5 x 115
  • 4 x 125
  • 4 x 125
  • 3 x 125
  • 2 x 125

Skull Crushers:
  • 8 x 35
  • 8 x 45
  • 6 x 50
  • 6 x 50

Overhead Press:
  • 8 x 40
  • 8 x 40
  • 7 x 40
  • 5 x 40

Dumbbell Bench Press:
  • 12 x 40
  • 3 x 70
  • 3 x 70

Tricep Pulldown (cable):
  • 12 x 45
  • 10 x 70
Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Squat Day 9/18

  • 5 x 45
  • 5 x 55
  • 5 x 65
  • 5 x 75
  • 3 x 85

Felt really good after the squats, I'm sure I had good form but I will take a video and post it just in case anyone wants to critique it.

Front Squats:
I was unsure of my form so I will be doing a little bit more research until I begin my front squats.

Leg Extension (machine):
  • 5 x 80
  • 5 x 90
  • 5 x 100
  • 5 x 120
  • 5 x 140

Feel the burn.. Can't wait till Tuesday, Deadlift day. :)
Will update the last 3-4 workouts I had. I haven't had time with recent mid-terms so I will do it tomorrow. I broke all my PR's by at least 10 pounds, especially on Squats where I went from 4 x 85 to 3 x 115