Creatine and Blood Pressure.


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Feb 5, 2002
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I quit taking creatine about 5-years ago. I want to start it again but I have since learned that I have high blood pressure. Would taking creatine effect my HBP? My reasoning is that when you take it you retain more water, and retaing water will effect your bp. Any help?
I would say no. This is because when you retain water with creatine it is intracellularly. This means the water actually goes into your muscle cells. I think you only have higher blood pressure when you retain water in your blood. I could be wrong, but I thought the increased blood volume raises the pressure.

Either way I'd ask a doctor.
Okay, I do take meds for it. I was just curious. I'm still somewhat young (35) and don't want anymore health problems. I shouldn't have high bp at 35, but I have a problem with my temper and anxiety. Very high strung. :D Thanks for the quick reply.