Crashed my head onto the Mat


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Jun 7, 2004
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Basically, this was from applying the Anaconda Choke.

I did it the way I have always done it, got a few taps from it and as how it was shown on the internet and as How I have seen it done by others. However this time something went wrong.

Okay, I am 130 pds and he was about 170-180 pds. I was sprawled on top of him and he was in a kneeling-sprawled position under me.

I had my hands/arms snaked in right, my right arm circling his neack and right arm/shoulder, with my right hand on my left bicep and my left arm flexed.

So now I was then trying to turn myself anti-clockwise, the proper technique for the anaconda, and he was resisting. This me trying to turn and he trying not to turn lasted about 5secs. My head was on the side/edge on his body. You can call it the corner of his back and side.

Basically too both of our upper body was quite near the floor too.

Then All of a sudden, he tried to flip himself over. What resulted was my own pent up force of turning anti-clockwise drove my own head to the ground, coupled with his body crashing into my head too. I briefly blacked out from it.

I could not concentrate on much things after that for the rest of the day. I felt slightly dizzy with a little of headache too.

However, now it is the second day and Most that remains is a slight dazedness.

I do not think I will do that technique anymore. I am wondering whether you have techniques toi refine it.
Sucks that you got hurt, but this thread would have been so much more awesome if the title would have read "mat, head...crashed no type gud...".

As far as feeling dazed the next day, I got an accidental knee to the temple from turtle in the middle of a scramble. Blacked out for a second, but brushed it and kept training the rest of the week instead of taking time off. I wound up having what the doctor called "post concussive syndrome" and would wake up in the middle of the night with killer headaches for almost 3 months straight.

If you're feeling the effects today, I'd take a week or so off to heal up. From what the doctor said, I was lucky that it only took me a few months to get over it. Some people deal with problems from PCC that last the rest of their lives.
That sucks. Sorry man, from what you described, it sounds like your were doing the technique correctly, but I'm hardly an expert. Not to thread jack, but I'm experiencing my own grappling pains. A 240 pound dude stacked me right on my neck while I had a triangle locked on him. I now feel like I've been in a car wreck.
When you get the grip with your arms, lay your head down on his back on the side that you're going to roll to. That should minimize impact when your head hits the mats. Don't just leave your head sticking up then roll, you gotta lay it down.