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Jan 14, 2006
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I've been reading a lot and checking this forum (read the stickies, don't worry) for awhile, and I've been working on a good diet for me. I'm about 6', 195, looking to lose fat, gain muscle yada yada haha. I'm focusing more on the losing fat though and am going to lift primarily just to mantain. I've got the gist of a clean diet down I think (lots of lean protein, water, vegetables, whole foods, vegetables, more water lol). Just a few gray areas for me right now.

Skim Milk - Is this okay to drink? I know one of the guidelines is don't drink anything with more than 0 calories, but I would just be drinking like 2 8 oz classes of skim milk a day.

Bread - I like sandwiches, but I would guess that any bread would have to be whole wheat, and not too much of it, right?

Vitamin - Will any multivitamin do, or are there ones that are better than others?

Cheese - I usually have turkey and cheese sandwiches, but I'm thinking of switching it to something like turkey and lettuce, to get some more vegatables and also to eliminate cheese, which can't be that great, right?

Salad Dressing - What kind of salad dressing is good? I usually just go with Italian, but I think I've read here the best thing for you is just good old oil and vinegar.

Granola Bars - Are there any kind of granola bars that are good? I usually just have the Quaker Chewy ones or whatever, but, thinking about it, a granola bar called "Chocalate Peanut Butter" probably isn't that great for me.

I'm in college right now, so the dining hall facilities aren't exactly 5-star, but I do what I can. Right now I'm thinking my diet will be something like oatmeal for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, and a turkey sandwich and some more vegetables for dinner. Throughout the day I'll make do with some fruit or nuts I guess, and maybe granola bars if there are any good ones. Anyways, thanks a bunch for any advice you can give me.
Your diet sounds pretty good, Your drinking the right Milk, And for the bead your right the whole Wheat is the best. For Multiviatamins i swear by this company, ( it your choice i just like this brand) << theres a male and female kind, be sure to get the male one. The cheese your taking is good but the lettuce would be better. Take olive oil and vinager for your salad. For the granola bars, i really never had them i just take protein bars, so i wouldnt kno of any granola bars but for the protein bars i recomend << great bars. So far your diet is looking good just keep up on it and you will be fine. Make sure you eat 6 meals a day ( which you prob already kno)
It's ok to use a light dressing on the salad, I read a article about how your body consumes more nutrients from the salad with some fat. Get a whole grain low-sugar granola bar. I prefer the trail mix versions. Whole wheat is the sheite.