Could Werdum beat Cain?

Pere Noel

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Nov 27, 2009
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If Werdum wins agaisnt Nogueira, I think the UFC might give him a title shot. Does any of you think he has a chance to beat Cain?

I'm not sure that Cain would play inside Werdum's guard and Werdum's striking is good enough to hang of the feet with Cain. Stylistically speaking, Werdum has a better chance agaisnt Cain than JDS.
Cain brought it, but I still think jds is the more talented fighter. And I dont know if werdum could pull of a sub cuz thats his only chance
Werdum has better knees than JDS and can also submit Cain from the bottom. Good tools against Cain. Cain would still be the favorite grinder tho.
after this fight i have some doubts in cain
Well, Werdum won't fear the takedown, which takes a lot from Cain's game. Also his striking has been improving a lot.
He has a chance.
cains a crazy athlete, I think he'll avoid the subs and gnp win or decision
He certainly could, although my money would be on Cain. This is a very interesting fight.
I like Werdum's chances. Maybe not 50/50, but his striking is vastly improved and Cain would be the guy fighting with his hands down to prevent the TD so that gives more advantage to Werdum for striking.

I think Cain would have to use his wrestling in reverse and hope to outstrike Werdum. He'd be on crack to go to the ground against him.
He probably has the best chance currently. Cain would be on crack to play the ground game against him (Werdum is one of the best grapplers in the world), and both fighters have good striking
Probably not, but you never know, its MMA. I thought Cain would beat JDS the first time around and get smashed the second. I also thought Fedor would run through Werdum. Werdum v. Cain is an interesting matchup at the least.
Dunno, would like to see it. I'd cheer for VerDOOM but wouldn't be shocked to see Cain take a UD
I do not think Werdum's striking would look good against Cain. But Cain would need to avoid the ground by any means.
Cain's pace is relentless and his striking is much better than Werdum's. I don't really see how Werdum has a real chance, I don't see him getting a submission.