Conscious Virgins.


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Apr 10, 2008
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Apparently, you need to apologize on behalf of your penis these days, wtf?

What's with these guys, are they just trying to White Knight on an epic scale, or do their girlfriends keep their testicles in a jar?

Or am I just unable to apologize because I "remain shackled in a prison of anger, fear and shame"?

Lmao, it seems like a cult.
Unconscious virgins are much more pleasant to deal with.
meh, it's not like its mainstream or a large majority of people.

i already knew there were plenty of dumbasses out there
Unconscious virgins are much more pleasant to deal with.

Lol. An easy laugh, but a quality one.

OP - dick shaming is some goddamn bullshit. I've heard feminists now consider the term "friendzone" to be sexist against women because it implies women don't know what is best for them because the man is sexually frustrated or some bullshit.
Is it still acceptable to over-exaggerate the painful effects of blue balls to help get it wet? I hope we haven't lost that one- it was a good one.
Nah, because it's sexist to suggest the woman owes you something to relieve your pain.
I watched about 30 seconds of this and came to one conclusion: I'd rather watch lemon party on repeat then this.
You hear it all the time but does anyone actually believe the world would be a better place if women were running the show?

These men are pathetic
I mean cool they're saying men have been shit to them through history and we should stop, agreed.

But I ain't apologizing worth shit it wasn't me whom did it, they're pussy whipped like a motherfucker and put the pussy on a piedestal.
I didn't get to the message. Got too annoyed at the intro.
That was awful, seemed more like a joke.
Is this a troll attempt or are the men serious? I can't imagine that they're serious.
These guys need to grow a real beard, eat some red meat, and go lay into some strange for a weekend.
I raged at "I apologize on behalf of my gender." Yeah, asshole, because you represent all men of the earth.