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Media Conor McGregor stops himself from drinking at last second, says he's "off the drink" for Chandler camp

Light beer is for pussies. Conor's Forged Irish Stout is the nectar of the GOATs.
that's why he has so many ladies, they can't get enough of his nectar....
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The man in the vid who was uttering those words did not appear to be sober.
exactly!! He looks like he is on his 3rd or 4th pint in that video. He has the demeanour and movement of someone who has had a few drinks already.
Plus...he is licking his lips quite a bit. Hmm.

McG thinks we cannot figure the truth out, but often we can. (IMHO).
His nuthuggers to this day still claim he was drunk during the Khabib asswhoopin which caused him to lose lol
He was definitely off his tits the entire camp, but that certainly isn't trhe reason he lost. Stylistically Khabib was always a nightmare for Conor and everyone knows it. Granite chin takedown machine with infinite cardio would always be an issue for a McGregor.
incredible will power. you can see the demon try to grab a hold of him several times in that 30 sec clip but he refuted it at every turn. his clear, sober, bright eyes tell the story. this is a different Conor. this is the Conor of legend. the Conor of old. THE CONOR MCGREGOR OF THE CLAN MCGREGOR. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.
Mcgregor should enlist Bryce Mitchell to ward off the demons
Mcgregor should enlist Bryce Mitchell to ward off the demons

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